Brideshead Revisited

Matthew Goode (Charles Ryder) , Hayley Atwell (Julia Flyte) and Ben Whishaw (Sebastian Flyte), at Castle Howard, in the feature film version of 'Brideshead Revisited' (2008)

As Captain Charles Ryder bunks down with his army regiment at Brideshead Castle, transformed during WWII into a makeshift barracks in the Yorkshire countryside, he is consumed by memories of time spent at the castle before the war. Brideshead Revisited is Ryder’s nostalgic retelling of his memoirs – an adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s brilliantly rakish (and entirely fictitious) prewar novel – and in real life Brideshead Castle is North Yorkshire’s magnificent Castle Howard.

The books have been brought to life on screen twice and both times filming has taken place at this jewel in the crown of Yorkshire’s country estates. The original adaptation (1981) was a much-loved mini-series starring Jeremy Irons, but in 2008 it broke onto the big screen with a technicolour retelling starring Matthew Goode as Charles Ryder and Ben Whishaw as love interest Sebastian Flyte. Dame Emma Thompson was brilliantly cast as Lady Marchmain, but we like to think the star of the show will always be Castle Howard.

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Anthony Andrews (Sebastian Flyte), Diana Quick (Julia Flyte) and Jeremy Irons (Charles Ryder) at Castle Howard, in ITV's Brideshead Revisited (1981)