Claes Bang as Dracula

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s 2020 retelling of Dracula is an imaginative, outside-the-box adaptation of the classic Bram Stoker gothic horror tale we’re all familiar with. Claes Bang stars as the likeable – rather than grotesque – Count in this post-modern adaptation, which has an air of Sherlock Holmes mystery about it, as you might expect given Mark Gatiss’ involvement.

The mini-series consists of three 90-minute episodes and weaves between Dracula’s Victorian past and a version of the present where a deformed Jonathan Harker is retelling his story to a feisty nun. Cue Whitby’s involvement – it was here in this historic maritime seaside resort that Dracula washed up in the novel, and filming returned for this most recent adaptation to put Claes Bang in the abbey ruins overlooking the sea. Look closely in Whitby and you might spot other locations used in the programme. North Landing at Flamborough was another filming location.

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