Project Yorkshire – A Playground Like No Other

Project Yorkshire

Watch it on Yorkshire Day - 1st August

A Feature Film by Scott & Sid - Narrated by Sean Bean

Written, Directed and Produced by award-winning filmmakers Scott Elliott and Sid Sadowskyj, the cinematic film campaign Project Yorkshire – A Playground Like No Other, showcases the region to millions worldwide, promoting Yorkshire as an industrial powerhouse and world-class destination to live, work, play, invest and study.

Scott & Sid have made the film available to watch for all for free in celebration of Yorkshire Day – Monday 1st August 2022.

Narrated by BAFTA winning actor Sean Bean, the post-pandemic campaign will promote Yorkshire’s value proposition worldwide and provide a timely reminder to welcome back students, tourists and investors. The film, which features numerous locations across Yorkshire including cityscapes, popular tourist spots and local businesses, highlights some of the key attractions and reasons behind why many people are drawn to the region.

Watch the glorious full feature film now for free!

Together Scott and I came up with the idea of creating a short film that could act as a calling card for local councils, businesses, and anyone else in the region to use to promote all that is great about Yorkshire and why we believe it is the best place for people to visit, live and invest. We wanted to create more than just another tourism advert or business investment video, so we contacted some of our associates in the industry, including Hollywood composers, storytellers and writers to collaborate with us.

Sid Sadowskyj, filmmaker

Project Yorkshire is not just about showcasing the incredible scenery and tourism attractions of Yorkshire but the film balances that with a narrative that really promotes the wider economy. Following the COVID pandemic, now more than ever, we need to unite and collaborate together to support safe and sustainable industry.

Sean was our first choice for narrator. Being a Yorkshire man himself with an iconic accent, not to mention his role as King of the North in Game of Thrones, there was just no one better for the job. It's been a huge honour to work with him on this project as it's clear it means just as much to him to champion his home county as it does to us.

On bringing Sean Bean to the project, Sid added

Project Yorkshire is available in watch online for free now