Grassington features as Darrowby in All Creatures Great and Small © Channel 5

Strolling the cobbled streets of Grassington in Wharfedale is like hopping back in time. Very little has changed in this small market town since the 1930s, the era when James Herriot’s beloved stories are set. Its heritage shopfronts and landmarks – including The Devonshire pub, The Stripey Badger bookshop and charming main square – made the perfect backdrop for filming Channel 5’s new adaptation of All Creatures Great & Small.

Grassington’s real-life popularity as a base for Dales walkers gives it the fresh-air feel and rustic authenticity befitting of newly qualified vet James, who arrives by train from Glasgow with very little experience to prepare him for life in the Yorkshire countryside.

Over the years, Grassington has also featured in a number of other film and TV productions, including Dolittle, Wuthering Heights, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby and A Boy, A Girl and A Bike.


Grassington, Skipton, BD23 5AZ

During the filming of All Creatures Great and Small, it wasn’t unusual to come across a gaggle of geese penned in behind the pub; or to be faced with a huge bull as you entered the square. Visitors were forever confused! They’d walk in to the gift shop asking for a loaf of bread as it was dressed as the bakers, when in fact the real bakery next door looked like a bike shop. When dressed as Darrowby, you really would think you were in Grassington in the 1930s and it makes you realise how special it is here.

Kate Midgley, Grassington Chamber of Trade

The Stripey Badger bookshop was transformed into G F Endleby, Grocers for Channel 5's All Creatures Great and Small